Florida Bar Exam Workbooks

Updated April 17, 2018

Florida Bar Exam Workbooks

Florida Bar Exam Workbook
Condensed Florida Bar Exam Workbook

(Updated for the July 2018 FL Bar Exam)

Our Condensed 2018 Florida Bar Exam Workbook consists of at least 1,000 fill-in-the-blank questions and sub-questions. The subjects include the Florida Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure (required subjects on every Florida Bar Exam), Florida Corporations and Partnerships, Florida Evidence, and Florida Wills & Estates (Probate Code).

All of the questions are based on the Florida Board of Bar Examiners’ Test Specifications and were drafted directly from the officially released Florida Bar’s Rules and the Florida Legislature’s Online Statutes. This Workbook certainly cuts to the chase of the law.

If you are a Florida Bar Exam applicant, especially an exam repeater, why not step out of the typical bar review styled questions and use this Workbook to learn the actual law so you can increase your overall Florida Bar Exam scores?

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We will resume general sales of this Workbook on or about May 01, 2018. If you have a POD (print on demand) request, please contact us. Thank you kindly.

To see an example of the types of questions and answers that this Workbook contains, click here.

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