2017 Feb & July FL Bar Exam

Updated January 02, 2018
2017 Feb July FL Bar Exam

2017 February and July Florida Bar Exam

I. When is the 2017 Florida Bar Exam?
II. What Subjects are on the 2017 FL Bar Exam?
III. What Subjects are on the 2017 MBE? (Updated)
IV. Florida Bar Exam Study Resources
V. MBE Study Resources
VI. Read Page in Flip Book Format (NEW)

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I. When is the 2017 Florida Bar Exam?

1. July 2017 Florida Bar Exam—July 25-26, 2017

july-2017-flbe-dateThe July 2017 Florida Bar Exam will be held on Tuesday, July 25th, and on Wednesday, July 26th, at the Tampa Convention Center.  Part A of the exam (the Florida portion), will be tested on Tuesday; Part B of the exam (the MBE), will be tested on Wednesday. You can find exam arrival and session times on the Florida Board of Bar Examiners website under the heading, “Exam Information.”

2. February 2017 Florida Bar Exam—February 21-22, 2017

feb-2017-flbe-dateThe February 2017 Florida Bar Exam was held on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 21-22, 2017. Part A, the Florida portion, was tested on Tuesday the 21st; Part B, the MBE, was tested on Wednesday the 22nd.

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II. What Subjects are on the 2017 Florida Bar Exam (Part A)?

Please note that this section covers more than just the 2017 Florida Bar Exam’s subjects. We tried to be concise, while simultaneously providing you with enough information to help you understand the overall exam.

A. Florida Part A Exam Sessions

Part A of the Florida Bar Exam consists of two sessions: one session in the morning answering 3 essay questions, and one session in the afternoon answering 100 multiple-choice questions. Applicants have three hours to answer each session. Click here to see a schedule of the actual exam session times.

B. Total Available Points Per Session

The 100 multiple-choice questions are worth a total of 90 points, and the 3 essay questions are worth a total of 300 points. As such, there are a total of 390 points available on Part A (the Florida portion) of the Florida Bar Exam. An applicant needs an “overall scaled score” of 136 or higher to pass the exam. For more information on grading and scaling, you might find our “Raw Scores to Scaled Scores” post of interest.

C. The Florida Bar Exam Subjects

According to the Florida Board of Bar Examiners,

“questions on Part A of the exam are designed to test your knowledge of both general law and Florida law. When Florida law varies from general law, the question should be answered in accordance with Florida law” (quoting the FL Bd of Bar Examiners). 

That being said, here is a list of the subjects an applicant is expected to know to successfully pass Part A of the Florida Bar Exam.

1. Contracts ^*
2. Corporations +
3. Criminal Law *
4. Dependency Law
5. Evidence +*
6. Family Law ^
7. Florida Rules of Civil Procedure +
8. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure +*
9. Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure +
10. Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure +*
11. Florida Constitutional Law ^
12. Federal Constitutional Law ^*
13. Florida Rules of Judicial Admin (§2.330, §2.420, §2.505, §2.515) +
14. Juvenile Delinquency Law
15. Partnerships +
16. Professionalism / Ethics +^
17. Real Property ^*
18. Rules of Professional Conduct (Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, Ch. 4) +^
19. Rules Regulating Trust Accounts (Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, Ch. 5) +^
20. Torts ^*
21. Trusts ^
22. UCC 2 Sales ^
23. UCC 3 Negotiable Instruments ^
24. UCC 9 Secured Transactions ^
25. Wills & Administration of Estates +

+ Usually tested as a Florida Multiple-Choice Subject
^ Usually tested as a Florida Essay Subject
* Also Tested as a MBE Subject

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III. What Subjects are on the 2017 MBE (Part B)?

The 2017 MBE brings changes to the Real Property portion of the exam (see, e.g., 2017 MBE Real Property Changes). It also brings with it changes to the scored versus unscored number of questions on the exam.

In past years, the MBE consisted of 200 questions, only 190 of which were scored. However, the 2017 MBE consists of 200 multiple-choice questions, only 175 of which are scored. So now there are 25 unscored pretest questions as opposed to a mere 10 unscored pretest questions. That is a significant change, it seems to us.

In any event, according to the NCBE, the 175 scored questions will be evenly distributed from the following subjects:

1. Civil Procedure (25 Q)
2. Constitutional Law (25 Q)
3. Contracts (25 Q)
4. Criminal Law and Procedure (25 Q)
5. Evidence (25 Q)
6. Real Property (25 Q)
7. Torts (25 Q)

It might be worth your time to read the NCBE’s article entitled, “Preparing for the MBE“. It contains new and important MBE information.

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IV. Florida Bar Exam 2017 Study Resources

1. Florida Bar Exam 2017 Study Guide
2. Florida Bar Exam Feb 2017 Virtual Tour
3. Florida Procedure 2017 Workbooks
4. Florida Bar Exam Review Videos

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V. MBE 2017 Study Resources

1. MBE 2017 Subject Matter Outline 
2. MBE 2017 Sample Test Questions
3. MBE Civil Pro Sample Questions
4. Constitutional Law Video
5. Fourth Amendment Podcasts

Best regards in your study endeavors.

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